Sunday Indulgences

There was a time in their lives…..

when they got a TREAT for everything ! 

To do home work, to behave 

To clean room, to win the race

To be in top five in the class

To complete the given task 

Or just to do good deeds

For everything there was a treat ! 

My sons enjoying their triple sunday

Treats were most awaited 

An awesome meal relished 

Followed by triple sundays

Those were fun filled days

How much I loved them

Expressions I cherished then


Now of course both my sons have grown up

No home works and no PTMs to show up

They go with their friends to have sundays

But still there are occasions and days 

When I can see them indulging in taste

Enjoying every bit of it, no haste !!!


  1. This was a really fun and sweet post. 🙂 This had me smiling from ear to ear.
    Those boys learned how to share and reach their goals. Rewards are fine, especially if they get great results. Such handsome young men, you should be proud, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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