No Apologies, I’m Freaking Out !

IMAG2881Well, I have a big reason to be happy. Tarun has surprised me day before yesterday. The door bell rang and as soon as I opened the door I jumped with joy. He was standing there with my favorite smile on his face. He has come to celebrate Diwali with us and would be back after three days.

I didn’t do anything except spending time with him and my elder son has also joined us in celebrations. The family is complete. I’m loving it. All four of us actually don’t want to let it end. I mean Tarun doesn’t want to go back to cold deserts for remaining exercise. My son Kanishk doesn’t want to go back to his hostel and feel homesick. My younger one doesn’t want his brother and father to leave him alone. As far as I’m concerned… a wife and a mother,,,,,you know my wish.IMAG2910

I want to cherish next three days, they are less yet so precious, still no apologies, whatever God has given it is so worth.

I don’t want to waste it in irrelevant things. Later on I shouldn’t  have any regret. We are shopping, socializing, hogging and watching movies together. I no longer have the guilt to have those sinful deserts, sweets and junk food. No time to count calories. I used to be very conscious of what I ate but now a days I just cannot resist pizzas and burgers. Everything is fair in Festive time. IMAG2218


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