Here is my entry for Alisa’s travel theme challenge and the topic is Faces.DSC_0448

Faces reflect human emotions

surprise, sadness, exhaustion, loneliness.

Faces tell stories, describe the age and glory

There are innocent faces, cunning and rude too

Some are totally blank, asking who are you?

They can’t hide pain, joy and horror

Each one has his own, rich or poor…..


Faces can be pretty, inquisitive

Negative approach, may be positive

Wrinkled, scared or spotless, glowing

Each one has a sign of growing

DSC_8665Sony 343

Not necessary looks are true

Doth not go on face value

There may be a mask worn

Under its sheer lie, I warn !!!DSC_2252

Fresh as flower, bright as rays

Epitome of love, happiness and faith

Go and mark a kiss on child’s face

He is the most innocent creature God has made !!!



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