Pretender, Me ?

DSC_4194I pretend or actually I’m the one, you know it better

Confident of my capabilities, aware of my short comings

There was never ever the need to pretend what I was not

Can’t fool around myself. I have worked so hard to learn and achieve. 

At times I feel I get over praise for my talent or art, I don’t deserve

The reason is I can see flaws which others cannot, that’s all 

No frauds, the love, attention, praise and little bit success in any field 

Is genuine and true. I pretended to be a good mother, today can’t say whether I’m or not.

My children keep telling me, “Don’t pretend to be so concerned when you know the truth. You were the one who told dad, huh !”

When I talk about my blog to my friends, my younger son comes and whispers in my ear,”Mom, don’t pretend to be a blogger. You have just started and it’s not that great.” 

I keep on smiling and say, ” I am confident that I’m doing good and moreover my fellow bloggers say my blog is good.”

I confidently share my blog link. One day I will be a famous one.

Well, what’s Imposter syndrome by the way?


I didn’t like the new template. It’s looking complicated as of now. Why they change the template as soon as we get hold of it? Any comments?



  1. I wrote my comments at the end of my blog. No, I do not like the new template, and it is not working. I cannot make a category for my blog, I get the express “uncategorized”. It is not easy on the eyes. I can cope, life is full of adaptions and coping, but it does not mean I have to like it.
    You do not pretend, you are a good honest soul that tells us as it is and who cares what the others say. Stayas you are, so that I can continue enjoying reading your blogs, beause you are a blogger.

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    1. Your kind words made my day. They came as a blessing to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I try to remain honest as much as possible.
      There will be teething problems initially and by the time we get use to it it will be changed again. I could not see the preview of my post and had to publish straightway. Couldn’t spell check also.

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  2. Dear Rashmi, you are a very good person. I think you are a great mother and wife. I feel your blogs are beautiful, emotional, informative and sometimes funny. Today’s post about how we all are pretenders is honest but full of a sense of humor. I think your boys are teasing you, Soul. You are an excellent blogger. Really. Hugs, Robin

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