Here is my entry to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge and the topic is  Patterns.

Recently I visited one of the famous monument and tourist attraction of Aurangabad, “Bibi Ka Maqbara”. It was bult by Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb, in 1678 in memory of his mother, Dilras Banu Begum.

The tomb has a striking resemblance to the famous wonder of the world ‘The Taj Mahal’ the mausoleum of his grand mother ‘Mumtaz Mahal’.Unfortunately it couldn’t received that fame and status which Taj Mahal  did. People found something missing.

These are few marble windows patterns in black and white of that architectural wonder .



    1. Thanks. This option is available in Media library. With the new template everything is confusing. It would be better if you go do admin & select media. Click on ‘new’ Upload the pics & select the gallery optins, then click on insert.

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  1. I’ve seen Taj Mahal thrice. Each time, after coming out of the big door and walking away from it I looked back. And as they say we should not do that for then we end up coming back again and again. It happened 🙂


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