Of course they both are pets. Not ours. This tiny kitten and docile canine belongs to the couple who are our friends.

This week’s  Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015- 30 revolves around pets. I don’t know much about them as I don’t have one. Not yet prepared to take the responsibility. 

Whatever little time we spent with our friends these two creatures kept on moving around us. They licked our feet, sat on Tarun’s lap since he is very fond of dogs, he had a Pomeranian who died just before our marriage.

They  both never left us for a single minute and we too enjoyed their presence. This Pet photo shoot was done by me while Tarun was busy playing with them. _DSC2304.JPG_DSC2322_DSC2314_DSC2296_DSC2290.JPG_DSC2328.JPG

I must admit this was the first time I stayed with a dog for the entire day and being with him I never felt as if he couldn’t speak or understand our language. In fact they both communicated so perfectly with their gestures and their body language conveyed it all. The waggling tail, the bright eyes, licking and smelling and other signals were good enough to know their state of mind.  So expressive. Just like Amber, Bonnie, Bishop or like Dusty and swiss feline Tabby.That’s all for this week.  


  1. Those photos are all just too precious for words. You had the advantage, of course – you could play with the pets and then go home and leave their care to their owners. While I love my Cody, sometimes I have more fun with other people’s dogs. Kind of like being a grandparent, I guess – all the fun and none of the work.

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      1. Ah, but if you’re even beginning to consider a pet of your own, then playing with other people’s pets is good training. Pets are a lot of work, but so much fun and such comfort. I’ll miss Cody when her time comes – hopefully not for many more years.

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  2. It’s amazing how well our pets communicate. They communicate with us and they communicate with each other and apparently in quite complex ways. It’s rather amazing how they do it … if it isn’t mind-reading, I don’t know what to call it! Great post and wonderful pictures.

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