When I looked at them I thought of their safety first. Ofcourse I liked the ornamental gold and silver nose rings worn by these Maharashtra rural women but at the same time I felt unsafe looking at their traditional piece of jewellery.wpid-wp-1448352227686.jpeg

Isn’t it her smile infectous?  Wrinkled forehead and crow webbed eyes tell us a story of struggles and her life.fb_img_1450590726701.jpgShe was the eldest among all. I asked her if she didn’t feel any pain while wearing that heavy object in their nose. She replied softly that it didn’t matter when it was customary to wear it.fb_img_1450590736402.jpg



Time to be on roads again ! On wheels with Tarun, occasion is reunion party.
While we crossed a village I happened to see these women sitting under the tree. Grabbed my camera to capture the rural appeal. Enjoy the simplicity of rural faces.



Today when I came back home from shopping

Saw this feline, who quietly in the garden, resting

I hastely put my bags and clinched my camera

Waiting for him to come closer, to catch his aura_DSC2379.JPG

He came from nowhere, never seen before in my lawn

He pounced on a mice as he crossed, later he yawned

Stretched, relaxed, he lay down in one of the flower beds

The lemon tree above made a nice cool shed _DSC2380

As I rushed to click a picture, he gave me a perfect oops moment

He squeezed his eyes tightly and went off to sleep, refused to sit

I had to wait till my furry guest wakes up and gives me a hint

So what if he came unexpected, he is now a part of my guest list


Rather than sharing one more time hate to love stories I would tell you a new story without any guilt pleasure.

Today after a gap of three months we both went for a LONG drive. Tarun drove 150 km. to reach Shirdi, the famous town where the Indian spiritual  master Sai Baba stayed and finally was buried. People come here from all over the world to get a glimpse of their God, Sai baba. People regard him as their guru, saint, fakir or father. Sai means ‘poor’ in Persian language and in Banjara language it means ‘good’ thus Sai Baba denotes “poor father.” or “Holy father”.04_04_14_08_35_22_AMShirdi-Sai-Baba

Entire world love Sai Baba and he loves as well as blesses the world. A divine soul, a kind heart, no love for perishable things Baba was a saint whose sole motive of life was self-realization. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. shirdi4

According to Baba the only way to find God was to spread love and help the needy.  He opposed all persecution based on religion or caste. He was an opponent of religious orthodoxy – Christian, Hindu and Muslim and he combined the elements of these religions to create a new religion called humanity. 

Who doesn’t know his most popular epigram, “Sabka Malik Ek” (“One God governs all”), which is the crux of  Hinduism, Islam and Sufism. He also said, “Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered”. He always uttered “Allah Malik” (“God is King”) 

We came out of temple premises after spending an hour with Baba, blessed and satisfied. I thanked God for Tarun’s safe arrival and also prayed for flood victims. Photography is strictly prohibited so I used Google images of Sai Baba. The images below are mine._DSC2806

On our way back I observed the landscape that looked dry and brown. Along side the road  ripen sugarcanes were being loaded in the truck for processing. Other rabi crops were adding green color in otherwise brown land. DSC_8555Cotton flowers were next to be harvested. I will share the pics of loaded cotton trucks in my next post._DSC2835All in all a fulfilling drive and Baba has showered his blessings too. Om Sai Ram !


On 2nd of Dec. India woke up to watch dejected,  traumatized, hopeless faces of innocent people of Chennai. 

Everything was absolutely fine till 30th Nov. I posted my last post on WordPress and went to school in the morning, came back, felt happy to see the pictures of the couple, both are dear friends, enjoying in Mumbai. They were to leave Chennai within few days. All their stuff was packed and they had gone to Mumbai for a couple of days to do initial formalities before shifting finally.

God had different plans for them. On the very first day of Dec. Chennai recorded 374mm rainfall and it was supposed to continue for the week, declared weather forecast.

The scene was changed by the evening and Chennai was set to face its worst floods in 100 years.

As  I watched the mind numbing pictures on TV and scary scale of disaster unfolding, I felt so worried for my friends out there in Chennai. Army cantonment was submerged in water along with the entire city.

Within no time the sad news started pouring in through facebook and whatsapp. The senior couple had lost everything in destructive floods. Their ground floor house was totally ravaged by floods and the material devastation was beyond control. Here are some of the pics shared by them on fb.

This was bound to happen. Innocent people had to pay the price for poor management. Another natural disaster occurred due to the reckless development. Army and Indian Air Force saved many lives and done outstanding rescue work but many are still missing. No news from friends whose children were staying in Chennai hostels, another senior gentleman and his wife could not be evacuated in time. May their soul rest in peace.

While officials at the India Meteorological Department have said the exceptionally strong El Niño, along with a rare “coincidence of various factors”, has resulted in the heavy rain, there’s no denying that Chennai has failed in maintaining an effective storm water drainage system.IAF_2643820g

In times when the city, and its suburbs, is being pounded with rainfall exceeding normal limits by over three times, a drainage system that isn’t functional, creeks and culverts that are blocked due to excessive dumping of garbage as well as the administration’s failure to ensure timely desilting.

– See more at:

With receding waters, Chennai is battling hard to pick up pieces of life but another spell of heavy showers were enough to revive the ghost of flooding.  Lakhs of people in the worst-hit areas are facing acute short supply of food items, water, electricity and other essential things to survive. We are busy helping our community, whatever little bit we can do from here. For last ten days I couldn’t blog so for them who missed me and inquired about my well-being, thank you so much. I am safe and sound with my family. Felt humbled and touched. See you soon with new posts.