When I looked at them I thought of their safety first. Ofcourse I liked the ornamental gold and silver nose rings worn by these Maharashtra rural women but at the same time I felt unsafe looking at their traditional piece of jewellery.wpid-wp-1448352227686.jpeg

Isn’t it her smile infectous?  Wrinkled forehead and crow webbed eyes tell us a story of struggles and her life.fb_img_1450590726701.jpgShe was the eldest among all. I asked her if she didn’t feel any pain while wearing that heavy object in their nose. She replied softly that it didn’t matter when it was customary to wear it.fb_img_1450590736402.jpg



  1. Customs are everywhere. I was thinking once about having a tattoo, but with my luck would probably have had an infection and Mr. Swiss said no. We don’t find the nose ornaments so pretty or enhancing to the face, but the group that wears them do I suppose. Not my sort of thing I must admit.

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  2. There are a lot of girls and women in the U.S. who have holes all over their faces too. Other than ears, I’m really not thrilled with piercings. They look uncomfortable and I also worry about infection. Tradition and fashion seem to rule on this matter 🙂


  3. So culture rich and I truly love when photographers give back story – or q and a detail like u did here – and she. U asked her about pain of wearing it – I can see how we get used to items – like bracelet and earrings feel so a part of me sometimes / and when my son comes home from college he takes the dogs collars off – and I tell him the dogs are not encumbered and they are used to them – but he removes them and pets them – ha!
    Lastly – the lines in the face actually whispered softer years rather than tough ones – such a softness in the natural and thin, taut wrinkles – very nice series here


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