Curvecous Roads of Shimla

I have been travelling on the roads of Shimla which are curvaceous and takes you the most scenic locations. 

Shimla is situated in northern India, is the capital of Indian state Himachal Pradesh.

No wonder Britishers had declared this town as their summer capital. The British feel can be clearly felt as soon as you land up there. 

More on this amazing place in coming posts. Enjoy the curves and also check my post on flowers of Shimla 


    1. Another good thing about Shimla is that it was very neat and clean city. Not even a bit of garbage was seen on the roads and footpath. Municipality workers do their job so dedicatedly. I was really impressed and felt so good.


    1. Yes absolutely right. These are scary especially during night journey. Somehow Tarun got maximum postings to these kinds of places where we had no choice but to travel on hills. Had terrible experiences of road washed away in front of our eyes. Landslides, blasting for road widening were common factors for completely cutoff from the world for weeks. Still I love being in hills


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