It is rightly said that there are many shortcuts to happiness and dance is surely one of them. 

Yesterday evening I happened to attend a dance show organised by “The Yellow Door”,a group belongs to the famous Maharashtra newspaper “LokmatTimes”. The owners are Darda family who keep on organising such events for Aurangabad citizens. The workshop was part of summer entertainment package for young ones of the city. 

This five to seven days workshop is actually an initiative of very famous Indian choreographer, Shaimak Davar, noted as one of the first to bring contemporary jazz and western forms of dance to India. He is known as the guru of contemporary dance in India as well as “the king of Bollywood dance.”

 Shaimak called his training program “It’s summer…..let’s funk it up ! ” and students really surprised everyone including their parents by giving electrifying live performances. 

They actually funked it up with their moves, expressions and attractive costumes. I was admiring them and decided to take up dance classes soon. After all it is so much fun !!!

I enjoyed dance performances by juniors. Seniors too performed so well and received admiration for their efforts. 



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