It is a well known fact now that the world is facing acute water shortage and condition is worse in Inda having nine of its states are struggling with draught. 

No wonder animals are also effected badly. Below are the pictures I clicked day before yesterday during my morning walk. 

When I saw him sitting on the water pipe I could make out what was going in his mind. I offered him my wter bottle but he coldn’t get the hint. He rather started giving me dirty looks as if trying to convey his displeasure to capture him in action!

He waited for few seconds for me to go away but in no circumstances I wanted to let this opportunity go waste. Finally he had to give in and Voila ! I cuptured his action in my camera. So satisfying to see him quenching his thirst 😊


  1. This year, it has been raining a lot, but we’ve been in drought for the past 5 years. I always feel so sorry for the animals. The birds have nowhere to feed, the fish and the turtles just die. It’s awful.

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    1. Its a global issue mow. We have acute water shortage in Maharashtra and other states. Ground water levels have drastically gone down. Now people have started digging the river beds. We have floods in three states. Mother mature is in furious mood.


  2. We are lucky in Switzerland with enough water. We also have our glaciers although it seems they are receeding. Sometimes we get a very dry summer where the trees might lose their leaves, but the following year they recover as if nothing happens. Water is very expensive in Switzerland. One of the reasons why people are careful with how much they use.


    1. I am travelling to Rajasthan and in train right now. Though I read your animal faves and other posts too, left my comments too but I m not sure whether they were published or not. Signals are breaking in between at times showing no service. This might sound weird in Switzerland but we are quite use to this lost and found signal game in India. Will keep on posting a picture or two from city of Palaces. Regards


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