Mundane Monday Challenge #58

Here is my response to Mundane Monday Challenge run by my blogger friend Jathin every Monday. This challenge is all about finding beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and uploading the pictures. 

Yesterday I had almost finished my dinner and was about to leave the restaurant, I asked the waiter to refill my glass. While he poured water I felt like clicking the picture. This is my response for this theme. 


      1. No Rashmi, I was right here. After the December floods and your depressing post, I sometimes did wonder the worst- then I wrote to Marilyn, who I remembered was your special friend and soon after, she made a special post dedicated to you. We never heard back. I am so glad that whatever it was that kept you away from blogosphere has passed and you are well, active and ready to attack the world with a vigour.
        We need a nature lover like you so much in the world and on blogosphere.
        God bless !

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  1. Good to see you after a very long time. Hope you are doing great. Also hope that you are less busy these days. Thank you for joining the challenge again. 🙂


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