Thursday Photo Prompt: The Chest #write photo


What’s inside this ancient chest?

That’s what an old man told

Who bought this box of secrets here.

“Accounts of wars, chronicles attest

 Moist uniforms, commander’s behest

Those who were buried, taking rest

Swords of kings, helmets of soldiers

Blood stained arrows pierced through chest

Rust coated knives, broken shovels

Saga of bravery, story of blood test

Tears and pain of kith and kin

Tortured souls wounded and dead

Crushed dreams, young widows

Kings turned monks to fulfill quest

The chest is like archives to dead and arrest

How can you miss a tainted crest !”

Let’s find out those magical keys

And open this corroded mystery

Oh, the keys were bent and pressed

The old man had thrown it away and said,

“Don’t take the war devil out

If you want a peaceful nest.”


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