I missed the prompt yesterday so I decided to read other responses rather than writing a late response. After reading few of my blogger friends’ responses I realized that how hard it is to spot those old bricks around us. This motivated me to grab my camera and click a picture of bricks. Really it wasn’t that easy to find bricks near or around my home. Then I decided to move further and reached the sport complex. Yes, this was what I wanted and the brick walkway was right in front of me. I frequently come here for gym and other recreational activities. Here is the picture of the place that I frequent every morning which is synonymous with Health, Recreation and Rejuvenation.


  1. Almost all private driveways in the Nordic and Northern European countries have the kind of stone – available in many colors and shapes – our lives are full of stones… 🙂 🙂

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  2. There is a lot of old brick in this part of the U.S. Very little in other places. Brick has become relatively rare and rather expensive, but I love it. Especially walks like that. There’s something special about them. Good shot 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Today I wanted to upload a Rajasthani folk song I recorded during my recent visit. Unfortunately it wasn’t uploaded after so many attempts and I got so pissed off that I didn’t post anything after that. Infact i have been trying for last two days and I have got one very good music video but i am not able to share it. They aren’t very long, lessons then a minute. Tomorrow I try uploading them in my laptop from my mobile and then i will try once again. May be there is some problem in WordPress app.

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  3. I enjoyed seeing the pretty pattern in the brick sidewalk. I also feel bricks can be like building blocks in our life, we may have orderly brick piles and other times, a brick may wear away, leaving a “chink” in our wall. Just going with this post and building my thoughts out if bricks. 😀

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