RDP Thursday: Hirsute

Look whom did I meet during one of my nature walks last week ! It was such a beautiful black furry creature roaming in the wilderness of Anantagiri hills, hardly 2 hours drive from our current city, Hyderabad in India.

I fell in love as soon as I spotted it jumping over the twigs, eating soft leaves & shrubs. It was not difficult to get a glimpse in the green surroundings because of its black colour. The coat was shiny, had a thick tail and hirsute legs. Looked so adorable with big flappy ears. Fits well in the prompt category.

I was about to return for my location when all of a sudden I found these two shepherds talking with a lady in their local language & then I saw the herd of cattle grazing peacefully. The cows were so healthy, goats were no less. I enjoyed chasing them played for a while. Really this hirsute black goat made my day! Enjoy how shepherds are resting while the cattle is busy grazing .


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