These are difficult or unpleasant times we live in
These are uncharted waters we’re drenched in
Everyone- rich, famous, poor, old, sick and sound
Find themselves in a world turned upside down
We need to hold our existence, stand in this drift
Bow our heads to the resilience of the human spirit
We can feel and hope and wonder, ask for power
We know that hope will come after the darkest hour

 Hope is the bridge that joins us together
Having faith in almighty is the only answer
Let’s pray and show gratitude to Mother Nature
Didn’t  we take her for granted over the years ?
She made us realize our mistakes in her own way
Our greed and desires brought the world to this day
Nothing is still lost as we’ve clean air, bright light
Aren’t we struck by the revival of blue skies, bird sight?
Like every cloud has a silver lining
Behind this dark cloud hope is shining

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