Sound of rain

I love when blessings of God pour from heaven and wash away all the dust, dirt and sins on earth.

Rains are blessings for farmers who wait desperately for bumper yield. For children who wait to make paper boats and make them swim in puddle of water. For poets to imagine the lovers dancing in rain, all drenched in water.

For photographers to capture the rain drops on trees, leaves and flowers. For artists to create beautiful creations in praise if rain. For me it is an opportunity to let my Soul absorb the freshness while enjoying pitter patter of rain drops forever. Enjoy the flowers bloom in our area. Rain Glorious rain FOTD

Brahma Kamal/ queen of the night flowers blooms only at night
Crown of thorns in full glory
Moss rose blooms looking bright and happy receiving the sunlight


  1. Lovely photos and despite having had my share of rain I enjoyed your audio/video of the tropical rain as it reminded me of many happy holidays in Asia when it rained when it shouldn’t have! To be able to stand out in the rain and not get chilled to the bone was sheer delight!


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