There’s no doubt that diamonds are woman’s best friend however the woman must not be a true Indian then. Hindu mythology claims that Gold is the soul of the world and we as Indians cannot think our existence without the shine of this highly exquisite metal. From Yoga to meditation, Surya namaskar to taking a dip in holy Ganges, golden rays of the dawn is must. From priests to monks, all comes into action attributing to the significance of the golden hour. Our gods glitter in gold and so our brides. Women look resplendent while young girls walk radiantly in golden lehengas ( long n flared skirt)

Gold stands for God and goddesses

wealthy's confidence, poor's desires

 For brides, grooms, sons and daughters

an ideal, exquisite gift , forget sapphires 

Gold facials enhances the skin tone
Gold Chavanprash is good for bones

Golden Kesar stands proud among spices 

Gold theme always a hit for marriages 

Weavers of India passionately weave the golden thread

 here comes the bridal saree, so sacred

Paithani, Kanzivaram, Banarasi are world famous gems

Reflects the rich Indian heritage in auspicious events 

The rich royal princely states were raised on gold

Ornaments, utensils and forts stood out bold
Not just a metal, it signifies affluence

the power, wealth, glamour all in one


Gold plated walls in royal palaces


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