At times simple things presented artistically look more appealing to eyes. I had a similar experience of the fine dining restaurant in Chennai and this rich, aromatic, innovative yet traditional, artistically presented, well garnished culinary wonder, was the one out of their nine course south Indian menu.

Well, well, before my senses totally get absorbed in the food prepared with so much of dedication, I quickly grabbed my camera and clicked this pic for sweet memories of the place called, Avartana. Needless to say that more than dish the marble platter caught my fancy which was carved so thoughtfully.

A south Indian cuisine speciality, the base was made of roasted gram flour n rice flour, topped with minced veggies spiced up with Indian masalas, a dash of lime juice and coriander garnishing, served with Ragi flour tacos with Indian version of mayonnaise. Health, flavour, aromas, spices, nutrition and most importantly taste all in one dish. I will be sharing a detailed post soon. Keep in touch with this soul and visit for more.

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