It is the beginning of shedding old and gearing up for new vibes. Something exciting is going to happen in life. Time to say goodbye to obsolete, out dated and withered beliefs and looking forward to new happenings, new ideologies, better ideas, productive collaborations and hopeful events. That’s what we learn from this cycle of change. Check Amy’s post on autumn. Also Cee’s post.

Change is inevitable and no pandemic or bigger threat can deter mother nature to complete the life cycle. It’s happening and will happen at any cost.


  1. I’m glad you joined us this week and shared your photos and thoughts on autumn. It is true that nature continues her wonderful cycles through the year. Beginnings can be challenging and exciting. A little of both!!

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  2. Well said! I’d not thought of the inevitability of the seasons but you’re so right – they will continue as always without any interference from us. Of course climate change may affect how they feel but they will go on despite our influences. Lovely post

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