World Tourism Day 2021

On the occasion of World Tourism Day let’s make some noise to promote tourism for inclusive growth, this year’s theme is just apt to make sure that everybody peddles the boat together on the path of recovery.

It doesn’t matter how many see this post ….can be a few or hundreds of you out there
if only I could convince a single soul I would urge to take up travel whole heartedly.

  • It must be your way of life !
    Travel gives us the courage and confidence to explore, take risks in life, make better choices and teach us art of living within minimum needs.
    As a globe trotter
    *Travel safe, stay and eat safe, not to forget extending support to local economy.
  • Maintain all safety protocols
  • Be a responsible traveler. Get yourself vaccinated and get a term plan for Ife cover in case of any mishap
  • Buy local artifacts and crafts to promote and support the tribal, artisans community in conserving the art n culture of that state.

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