We all know that different colours have different effects on our behaviour and emotional well-being. Some colours make an instant impact on us and our soul reacts differently to those colours. For example, colour ‘red’ can be perceived differently by each individual. For some, it is associated with blood, danger or anger however the other person gets so much solace in red and orange hues of sky during sunset or sunrise.

sunset @ White Rann ( desert), Kutch

Each soul has a defined colour to get associated with. Let me put this way that all the souls in this world have a soul colour which energises the chakras and produce positive vibrations ( prana) in their body when in meditation or focusing on their breath. Now how to find your soul colour ?

Well, not a very difficult task. I learnt this while I practised pranic healing long back. Simply think about a colour you love. I mean you can take favorite colour, after all there’s some logic behind a colour you call your favourite, right? So think about that one and just close your eyes, sit in a relaxing position, take a deep breath and start focusing on how you exhale and inhale. Now you imagine yourself surrounding with the light of this colour. If you feel light, calm and peaceful, if your body feels relaxed and light, mood uplifted and some happy hormones flowing in then it is definitely your soul colour. It will activate prana or chi energy which eventually flows all over your mind and body through vibration to get linked with soul energy. You will feel veritable oneness with super soul power or you may say, with universe. If yes, then you may now acknowledge it as your soul colour. A Famous book by “Choi Kok Sui” also mentions about auras, chakras and relation of colours with the soul.

Today we are talking about Orange which resonates with joy, happiness, heat, sunshine, creativity, enthusiasm, expression. If your soul colour is orange then you are already stimulated one and have advanced from the beginner level in terms of spirituality. Still you might be emotional, a little arrogant and aggressive in behaviour.

Orange colour invokes sacral Chakra( one of the seven chakras in spiritual science) which represents creative and sexual energy. It needs practice and consistency in meditation to go on a higher level and to stimulate the highest chakras like purple or blue to become an influential/spiritual power in the world.

It’s time to conclude the post with one take away that is you may like and enjoy all colours but there’s always one in particular which defines your soul. I know my soul colour. Is that Orange for you ?


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