As a photographer, the right shot in the right light is something you always look for. The game of light may make or ruin your picture.

The basic concepts of photography like aperture, shutter speed, exposure triangle , ISO all are inter connected to light only. When I see the seasoned photographers who are my fellow bloggers too, I get lost in their craft and one thing I have realized over a period of time that no amount of courses, workshops can teach the skill as compare to what your observation teaches you. No matter how expensive or cheap gadgets you use, you ought to have a soul ( an eye) to be in this highly creative field. You become confident as you progress in photography, learn from your own judgement and soul intention to improve on mistakes you did as a beginner.

I like to play with natural lights however artificial light like bars and cafes are equally challenging to shoot. The magical, golden hour light, orangish yellow dusk light or silver moonlight, romantic candle light, soft lantern light and mysterious fire flies light, light reflecting through glass. It can be so interesting to capture all through lens.

Today’s squares are lit up with the natural light and also man made lights. Enjoy.


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