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Today is the fifth and final day…….Look what I have got to share with you all ! 

I love traveling. Exploring the unexplored has always been my endeavor at any given opportunity. Adventure brings me the thrill. Tarun, my husband knows my passion therefore arranges these kind of trips for me where I can nuture my soul and eyes to enjoy the wild and untouched beauty in mountains or in deserts. Being married with the olive green it becomes easier to carry out this mission otherwise I have met many couples who just get scared with the thought of roughing it out while going out. They can’t travel by road for whole day, avoid lesser known destinations and prefer over hyped tourist spots and feel comfortable moving in a group….a package deal in a nutshell.

I like planning my own trip. Today I am sharing the glimpse of a new planet  which I created during our trip to mountains. I chose a place up on the hill top from where I could see down below. The nature’s best view. The dawn, the dusk, the clouds, the tress and what not ! You name it I could see it. Wanna enjoy the view?

I named this lonely planet ‘Love Planet’. It has everything you need to fall in love with. The color of the planet is black and white . No fity or sixty shades of Grey since I didn’t liked the concept of Grey’s knotted programmed love. No scheming and gaming here please to pollute the environment. Just feel the eternal love and enjoy the nature’s gifts.

The flora and fauna of this planet will take you to ever relaxed stage. The bids, the boats, the creatures all seem to be in harmony with love. You can sit and dream, sing and dance with clouds.

This is my planet which translates love. The stay here is transcendence in nature which heals the tired soul and body. You can call it eternal bliss. Visit this alluring world to uplift your spirits and soothe your soul.

This is so serene, to me it is bliss

On this final day I invite all my blogger friends to add some more fun in this chain with their contribution. I thank Marilyn for giving me this opportunity. Enjoy rest of the posts of 5 days Black & White photo challenge click here.

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