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A lady who never compromises


In a world where compromise often prevails, 

it is a sight to behold a lady with a shining soul

who stands tall; her spirit never fails. 

She walks with grace, unwavering pride, 

A beacon of strength, defying the tide.

She never compromises her values or beliefs, 

For she knows her worth and seeks no relief. 

With unwavering integrity, she stays true; 

in the face of challenges, she knows what to do.

She never compromises on her dreams and desires; 

with fierce determination, her passion inspires. 

She reaches for the stars, never settling for less; 

her ambitions soar high, and she refuses to regress. She never compromises her self-worth, 

Embracing her flaws and celebrating her birth. 

With self-love as her armour, she conquers each fight, 

Radiating confidence; her inner light shines bright.

She never compromises her boundaries and rights; 

speaking her truth, she illuminates the nights. 

She stands up for justice, for what is right; 

her voice resounds, igniting the fight.

She never compromises her independence, 

A symbol of resilience, she defies dependence. 

She charts her way with an unyielding spirit, 

Leaving footprints of strength daily.

She never compromises on her kindness and grace,

Spreading compassion and creating a better space. 

Like a gentle stream, her empathy flows, 

Touching hearts and inspiring dreams.

Let us raise a toast for this lady who never compromises, 

Honoring her courage and the battles she has fought. 

She stands as a symbol, an authentic inspiration, 

A lady of substance is rare and few.

So let us celebrate the lady who never bends, 

Whose unwavering spirit in our hearts transcends. 

In her strength and resilience, we find our own, 

A lady who never compromises, her spirit brightly shown.

By Rashmi Kashyap, Love from Soul

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