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A Plot Of Earth: In my opinion

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Sounds like a dream ! Can’t believe it ! LAND being the most valuable non renewable natural resource,

is itself so safe and best investment that I would just keep this plot for few years without doing anything to sell it one day in order to earn huge profits since it will be sold four times more than the amount I would have paid for it !

But here is a catch . The plot has been given to me by wordy with a hope to let me use it for some purpose, good bad ugly, my wish. My plans?

I may plan to open a hospital there for cancer patients……

or a school for free education or even a orphanage for slum children…..

it may be used for old age home…….a nursery, temple or a college…..

A sports academy, stadium, airport or a mall is not at all a bad idea though….

Options are endless and too many noble causes to use this plot for…….

Today the magical grid must be full of such optimistic ideas and brilliant plans to utilize this land for the upliftment of down trodden, poor, unfortunate ones, for making this earth a better place to live. There are other fabulous plans coming in my materialistic mind right now. Let me take a pause and think….

In my opinion I will leave this peace of land the way it is………

Let it be full of bushes, rocks and wild trees……

Let me have a feel of soil and not concrete…..

Let it breathe, don’t choke it with tiles and floor….

Let it remain natural, barren or fertile…..

no fertilizers, pesticides to grow more rice….

Natural ponds and not the artificial lakes…..

Huts to spend life, no sky scrapers for holy sake….

Let the birds come and make their nests….

Let the females feed their vulnerable pets….

I will use all the financial resources to save….

a plot of earth from going bad to worse….

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