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A Story For The Hearers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Spinning Yarns.”

All my stories started with ‘Once upon a time……’

Then off course I used to tell what was fine

Engaging tiny tots in an imaginary worldimages-46

Not easy if I didn’t include what they felt

Alex’s fears, Rahul’s wishes, Lucy’s dreams

All weaved in delicate colorful yarn of words

Telling stories of their interest, challenging it was 

A good story was always a story of hearer, true it was

Princess had to be pretty,  prince was charming, tall

Angels, fairies all made a beautiful world, dreamy yet small

As a teacher I had to play a mom, friend and a story teller

The only condition, the stories made learn, groom hearers

Lots of puppets, props, fun and acting made my kids happier

A good story- teller has to spin yarn of dreams, wishes of hearer

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