I AM A spirited SOUL !!!! 

A happy one exploring the unexplored……

A contented one traveling and sharing what I SEE, what I FEEL….

 A delighted soul being a mother to two most loving sons……..

A blessed soul in company of my soulmate who has changed the way I look at life….

A dedicated soul educating and counsel the youth being a professional ….

A social worker aiming to uplift the downtrodden….

Speaking my thoughts fearlessly as a community speaker……

OtherWISE adventurOUS, emotioNAL, dreaMER….its me !!!


My spirit and my soul makes me a unique combination nurtured with positive thoughts…..

The message of love,compassion and peace has been well received and appreciated so far……

My Friends and followers call me Happy  Vibrant Soul. It is more than a compliment to me !!!!

I love meeting people from various walks of life, knowing their perspective about life, sharing my experiences and try to learn something from every individual come across in journey called LIFE. I believe that learning is a continuous process.

A content creator who loves to collaborate with like minded people to grow as community and you know what?   I’m loving it !

During the blogging journey some accolades and awards came my way for my positive posts and pictures. Gratitude to all for making me a recognized soul now. Humbled !!!

I see beauty in everything and I try to reflect it back through my posts. You can check  my posts on life, relations, beauty, nature and on traveling. I call these Encyclopaedia of my life experiences.

MY IDEAL STATUS anytime would be…..close to nature where my spiritual spirit connects to the immortal soul….Amen!                                           

Thank a lot for visiting my pages. I appreciate your visits. I will try to be connected at my level best.

Before you say good bye check my contact page to keep in touch. Though comments are the best way to do that 🙂 🙂

Have you connected with this soul by going through and commenting on some of my posts before you leave?

Happy Blogging and stay spirited, SOUL. 


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