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Have you ever seen a golden ball sinking slowly in the lap of omnipresent red sky? Ah, What a weird question to ask, right?

Don’t we all see and enjoy sunrise and sunset at any given opportunity.

All of you must have clicked hundreds of pictures of absolutely red sun while it slowly vanishes in the clouds.

I mean that’s the fact and I know but again that’s the beauty of the moment.

You go to same spot daily to watch and capture sunset but it will be a different experience everytime.

Compare the pictures and you will find that each single day your camera captures a different color, a different story.

How surprising it is ! Yesterday I went to trek with my husband. We started climbing to reach our final destination, a temple built atop a hillock. The view was splendid. Soon it was time to say good bye to the sun.

I took few pictures of the magnificent golden ball floating in the red sky.

When I uploaded the pictures in my computer I found them satisfactory. They were better than my last sunset shoot. Mind you I’m in learning process and don’t have a macro or other powerful lenses ideal for this kind of photography.

Did I feel embarrassed in front of those who were shooting like professionals with their tripods and long barrels ?

No way !  I made full use of Whatever I had ( my multi purpose lens ) and freaked out. Someone has told me that I’m picking up fast. Woohoo !

Enjoy the absolutely gorgeous sun ! 

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