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All About Paws And Feet

Elephants are synonymous with brute strength. They are the strongest yet most docile mammals on earth. African elephants weigh up to 6,350kg and easily carry up to 9,000kg, the weight of 130 adult humans. The fact that they are herbivorous seems unbelievable while looking at their size and strength.

I came to know more about them during my Kerala trip where elephants are considered divine. They are trained as temple elephants and also used for various other purposes. The only thing I didn’t like about taming the animal was tying them in chains throughout. My heart ached when I saw this big, sensitive, and five-toed feet beauty in chains. The mahawat (the care taker) has his own reasons for that and I don’t want to discuss those reasons here but the most beautiful wild creation of God shouldn’t be treated this way. The header picture was shot in Kerala and I strongly oppose the ghastly practices of harsh training and painting the animal with harmful chemicals, harsh paints for human entertainment. Let the message spread loud and clear. “Don’t keep God in Shackles”.

His feet tied with a chain

On a positive note, let’s enjoy the gallery of paws and feet.

CBWC: Feet or Paws

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