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Prior to pandemic we as a family of four used to enjoy going out to celebrate the special days, occasions and festivals in some fine dining restaurant, newly opened lounge or café with good food, mocktails and some live band playing on. In other words, a good opportunity to catch some social vibes and also explore new places to hang around near by.

It couldn’t happen during the time of pandemic. Did we miss the fun? Well, initially it was annoying but it is said that there is always a positive side of the scenario. So with the pandemic. We had started new ways and means to enjoy and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries by creating some cozy corners, party vibes at home.

In those two years I realized that family conversations have become the most interesting part of our lives. People have understood each other better and spent some quality time together. The above picture reminds me of one of the festival get togethers organised at home during lockdown. Since we had no place to go outside to for merry making, therefore both my boys were not very happy being alone on the day of major festival. I thought of something.

I gave them a surprise by converting our big balcony in open air cafe and they both loved it so much. The red recliner was shifted from living room. Side tables, moving table trolley, cushions, potted plants, ferry lights and home made snacks with some freshly made beverages made the place so vibrant we had some amazing conversation over the food and drinks. Bonding over food, right ? I knew that if I bungle, I had to do it again as there was no plan B in case it didn’t work out. Children were told to get ready for some cool party in the evening. I was careful in not messing up the barbeque preparation, putting everything upstairs so that we didn’t had to run time and again for little things. The practice is still continued on boys demand. They thanked me for this set up forever.

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