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Ancient Floor, Man and the squirrel

Racing up and down, from top to rock bottom, rock sculptures, leisure strolls on floor.

Floor.…….made of rock, depicts the story of glorious past.

No fancy tiling, no carpeting, no shine yet sparkling

Uneven, uncut, grainy, unpolished, solid, uncanny feeling

The squirrel ran around from pillar to post. Moving really fast, making strange sound

Roaming round floor roaming all around in search for a snack all around the ground.

What did he want? Oh, look at him ! Climbing upon the rock sculpture.

He hopped from walls to branches to jump in a hole. A man admiring his marvelous skills, sat down to call him near.

 The gray soul kept on looking at him. Alert and cautious, flicked his tail, moved ahead.  

I was in awe to see the dialogue between them. Click, click, click was my reaction.

Squirrel moved close. Very close. I couldn’t believe that ! I

 A close up of a squirrel would have been perfect, I wished for a macro lens.

Anyway I was focused and decided not to move towards them to make the furry creature go away.

I was enjoying the wondrous site.

The squirrel was actually responding ! The man was patient. Perhaps the bushy chap was impressed with his persona.

Finally he reached where the man was sitting, gave him a high five and pushed off coolly. He crawled, spun circles showing his wild and free spirit. Tarun looked at me with a winning smile.

You guessed it right, the man with a hat was my dear husband.

Some say squirrels are rats with tail. I say they are happy, friendly souls. What say? 

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