Social Anxiety: Watch out for these Signs 

From knowing more about social anxiety disorder to making assumptions about not being liked, here are a few hidden signs of social anxiety. “I’m not anti-social. I’m just not social.” ? Woody Allen Do you feel overwhelmed being judged by others? Do you feel self-conscious in everyday social interactions? Are you not comfortable meeting new […]

How to stay committed to a relationship


“Unless commitment is made, there’re only promises and hopes but no plans,” says Peter F. Drucker. You won’t find a better life joy other than nurturing a committed relationship. All human beings aspire for meaningful and long-term bonding. It requires equal efforts from both partners to keep the connection alive and thriving.  How long can […]

Why is Today’s Generation afraid of commitment?

Why is commitment becoming far and rare in relationships? Does it cost an individual’s freedom? Or the unreal expectations from the partner make it difficult to say yes for a lifetime. We are more connected and less committed than ever. Kerby Anderson sees this as a significant reason for the crisis of loneliness in our society.  Recent […]

The True Freedom of Soul and Spirit

In the realm of hearts, where courage resides, True independence in our souls abides.  Not just in flags that proudly fly,  But in the spirit that soars high. It’s in words, that bring strength It’s in love that never ends It’s not just breaking chains of old,  But fostering dignity is a story untold.  The liberty […]

Magic of Soul Strength


In the depths of our existence, a flame does burn, A power within us, a strength we all yearn for. It’s the essence of being, the spirit’s true might, A force that shines fiercely, casting darkness to flight. Behold, the Soul Strength, a radiant fire, Unyielding and eternal, it will never tire. Within its sacred […]

How to Communicate better with your Teenager


Having teenagers is like living in a bowling alley inside your head. Welcome to being the parent of a teenager. Get ready for large amounts of eye-rolling, emotional outbursts, and thoughts of running away. And that’s just the parents! Communicating with teenagers maturely can foster healthy relationships, mutual respect, and adequate understanding. Dear Teenagers: Your […]

How to Take Care of Holistic Health During Monsoon


Monsoon season is such a welcoming relief! And why not? We feel refreshed and happy after experiencing the long spell of scorching summer heat. While the rain makes our soul n spirit joyful, they also bring many health challenges.  Certain precautions and adopting healthy habits are all you need to boost overall health. This blog […]

5 Popular Myths of Coaching industry Debunked


We all know that the world has undergone significant changes. Faster than we had anticipated. It is still changing as you are reading this. It is crucial to comprehend that a new permanent normal has emerged. That is why coaching is more critical than ever and must be acknowledged. I am not wrong if I […]