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Who doesn't want to be recognized for his work?

Appreciation and acknowledgement

act like morale boosters for any creative person and it holds true in my case too. During my 8 years of blogging journey, the only time I couldn’t write was pandemic time while I was badly sucked with my job as the educational institutes went online. Google schools became the norm. Eventually, I as an educator found it extremely challenging to cope up with work from home scenario, children and husband working from home, and looking after household chores without any house help. subsequently, I wrote very few articles then.

But whenever I got time, I did my bit for society by spreading the message of peace, sustainable living, and mental well-being through my talks, poetry, and stories during women’s Day virtual programs. Empowering women has always remained very close to my heart.

Some of the certificates are displayed here as token of appreciation from those NGOs.

Cee’s photography is one of the most popular photography blog on wordpress and Cee was kind enough to feature my posts in her renowned blog 5 times. Grateful to her.

Participated in WordPress Blogger courses for writing also. You can read posts in NAMOPO category.

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