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Bassanio: The Hero of the evening

In response to DP Prompt: My Hero

I have attended the annual day of The Cambridge School today, my son is the hero of the evening. He has played Bassanio in Shakespeare’s classic play “Merchant of Venice”. He looked so cute in the costume, very confident on the stage and a good orator. He set the mood with his opening dialogue.

“Antonio, there is a lady in Belmont who has inherited much wealth. And she is beautiful. Sometimes i have received from her eyes lovely unspoken messages. Her name is Portia, famous suitors set sail from all the four directions to seek her hand. My Antonio if only i had the means to compete with them, my instincts assure me i would undoubtedly succeed!”

I enjoyed the scene between him and Portia when he said while choosing and opening the lead casket,”What do i find here? The portrait of the lovely Portia!”

When Bassanio comes to know that Antonio’s bond to Shylock has been forfeited and he has to face the death penalty, Portia says,“Waste no more time Bassanio ! Off to Venice.”

In fact Portia, Gratiano and Antonio have also played their part very nicely.

No doubt he is MY HERO today…..well, he escorted the chief guest marching smartly, moreover he participated in the group dance also. Here are few photos of the event clicked with my mobile. The quality of the photos may not be good, notwithstanding that enjoy the glimpse of his performances……I was on the seventh sky…. so happy to see him performing on the stage. That’s all from me today, Happy Christmas to all !!! 

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