Mundane Monday Challenge #11


This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs. 

This is a terracotta lamp hanging in my garden verandah which remains dull  and lacks life except the days when we light it up during the evening garden parties. Then it looks very dramatic with defused light. Terracotta is a type of earthenware, clay based glazed or unglazed ceramic where the fired body is penetrable.

Let’s talk about Collective Karma

“If little labour, little are our gains: 

Man’s fate is according to his pains.”

— Hesperides 752.

“No pain no gain” This Looks absolutely correct in today’s scenario Look around you. What do you see? Nobody likes Pain. Gain is that sinful desire that one aspires for without actually going through hardships of life. Let me put across in other words. Karma is work, duty or action which has to performed by an individual to survive in this world. Despite knowing this we tend to find short cuts for short term success. No one is interested in long term karma.  20 20 series is much appreciated than one day matches.

As an Indian Hindu our faith in karma need not supported by science. Our religion is purely based on karma. It is said that one cannot deny his duty. Old school of thought says that hard work always get paid. More you do karma more you gain. Does it actually happening?

Poor people struggling for bread going through daily toil and sweat, making enormous efforts to create more wealth, nurture their dreams, still not having enough gains. Do they get success ? Well, it’s a basket which is either half full or half empty.

Our nation is going through a major challenge of uplifting millions of its people who are below the poverty line. They need food, shelter, employment and education. Though there has been a rapid growth but the expected gains have not materialized despite gigantic measures undertaken by the government.

What about those who were born with a silver spoon? They need to think and realize that the nation’s growth is greater than their own achievements. We have to develop an attitude of helping and appreciating others. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility comes in. No individual should think about more gains without pains, the emphasis must be on collective pains to enjoy the collective gains. More happiness less sorrows, more research less competition, more unity less fragmentation will create more gains and less pains for the citizens of a country should be the karma of the government.

The freedom struggle for Indian independence had a long list of sacrifices made by unsung heroes. The cost of freedom being enjoyed by us today is priceless. It has increased our respect for freedom fighters many folds. Many of them were leading very comfortable and prosperous life. But they had bought pain to gift us the taste of freedom that we enjoy today . We must worship their sacrifices which was their karma at that moment and they did it selflessly.

 Similarly, the sacrifices made by the soldiers to maintain the territorial integrity of our nation would not be possible without hardships and against insurmountable odds.


The War Cemetery in Kohima, India has the famous inscription, “When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”—The Kohima Epitaph is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds and is thought to have been inspired by the epitaph of Simonides written by Simonides to honour the Spartans who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.


Daily Prompt: This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways?

An Interview with God


It is my first interview with God. The room is pure white. White curtains are flowing. Lilies are looking so fresh. A huge white seat is fixed at the centre of the room where God is supposed to sit. I have to sit right in front of it on the white chair.

God enters wearing the white robe, looks radiant. He looks into my eyes while sitting and gets ready to be interviewed.

My first question goes like this:

Me: What prompted you to create the universe?

God: I wanted to paint.

Me: How have you thought of Adam and Eve?

God: I wanted to love.

Me: Why you made Eve eat the forbidden fruit?

God: I wanted to feel pain.

Me: Why you sent them on earth?

God: I wanted to born as human.

Me: Why you made a cycle of life and death?

God: I wanted to be mortal.

Me: Why you gave us Bible?

God: I wanted all of you to be God………

Hope I am not the last to write last words !


My last post… last post? I haven’t yet celebrated my first anniversary here !

Let me write few more…….let me write few more

Among so many thanking notes and farewell speeches

I’m afraid mine is one of the last post showing here

Let me thank you all from the core….thank more

For all the support, love and affection shown

Despite struggles….ah! those pingbacks and grid there

These are definitely not my last words here

I will come back for sure…. will come back for sure

That’s all for now….attending a wedding here

Music, dance, crowd…Indian wedding at its peak

Couldn’t resist blogging, it is a magic pure !

Slow disease yet so demure 🙂

Local Flavor: Swarm of Cattle

A typical scene on roads from near by town gives me a local flavor everytime I cross the highway. The passing cattle bring the traffic to stand still. We often face traffic jams because of this swarm crossing the road at its own convenient speed. The Indian cattle love to  take nap right in the middle of the road. Stuck in one of such jams I captured this one.

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The Batman and an Indian Bird in conversation

I had a hectic schedule for last three days. Today finally I was free for a change and decided to clean my library. The sun was bright and the sky was clear. It gave me the much needed boost to finish the task quickly so that I manage to steal few minutes to write a post to remove the guilt of not able to do so for last couple of days. I was also looking forward to catch new stuff on the reader. The books were brought outside, neatly kept on the cot to start with the maintenance ritual.  One by one I started dusting them, I checked the bindings and covers, cleaned the book jacket covers, straightened the rolled edges.  While I was engrossed in the activity, my son brought his book “Batman: The Dark Night Returns” to me and asked,” Will you fix the torn pages with transparent tape for me. Every time I read it they fall and scatter all over.”

” I think it would be nice if you try to fix it yourself. I will make you learn this.” I replied.

” I have to complete my assignment mom. Please do it this time, I will learn some other day.” he requested.

” Ok, only this time you see. Well it is my opinion that one must take care of the book he owns. They are our best friends, aren’t they? Don’t you take care of your friends?” I stared at him.

” If you insist….err….I will join you, let me finish the diagram, does it suit you?”

“Absolutely ! Go and finish it soon.”

I picked up the next book in line. “The book of Indian Birds”, which was gifted to me by my teacher on my birthday.

As I took the book in my hands, Batman flew out from my son’s book cover with a sudden bright flash and with the same enthusiasm hanged upside down on a branch of a tree in a garden. I was taken aback with this unexpected move of the dark creature.

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“The 12-Foot Teepee” is the book


Yesterday only I purchased this book on kindle which has been written by none other than Marilyn Armstrong, Serendipity fame and today this prompt came as a surprise. For old bloggers Marilyn Armstrong and her blog doesn’t need any introduction. As far as new folks out there……Few words about the author: Continue reading “The 12-Foot Teepee” is the book