Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Why to buy dried herbs when I can grow fresh herbs in my garden to enhance the taste of my platter. Nothing to beat the aroma of a freshly chopped mint or coriander. My small kitchen garden in my backyard provides me everything which is necessary to make food tasty, I spent time indulging myself in aromatic feasts.

How ? Look at the pictures and you will get an idea !

First on the list is corn on the cob which I am sure my blogger friends Marilyn & Garry gonna like it. It’s their favorite. They are milky and taste like heaven ! You can have it boiled, roasted or in any other form. I enjoy it with a pinch of salt rubbed on it with half sliced lemon.

When my garden gives me lemon, I SQUEEZE IT HARD TO MAKE LEMONADE !  Have you ever used curry leaves in south Indian dishes? Try it in upma, poha and sambar. In fact curry leaves can be used in any vegetable for that matter. The aroma will make you fall in love with south Indian food.

ready to be cooked
ready to be cooked

How about some mint, stevia and coriander ! O, yes ! I have fresh lemon grass to spice up my herbal tea and thai platter.

Wait a minute. If you think that I only grow herbs then you may be wrong. There are plenty of veggies too in my farm, like…..

What do you think? Wanna join me for an organic meal ? I bet you won’t regret !

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