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Enough was not enough


Today I had a bad day.

I found that my Mac charger too got damaged in yesterday’s power surge

This was the most shocking thing to me

I can live without TV, without mobile

But without my mac how will I survive?

I tried in all the shops but hard luck, I have to get it delivered from Delhi or Mumbai

Not many shopkeepers keep accessories of mac here in this city

I want to shout, enough was not enough 

That my lifeline is lying dead in front of me

Something has really gone wrong

I am not able to do my blogging smoothly

Why I am behaving like a daily prompt

one day it is there other day it is not

One day I can connect other days I can’t

Good God bless me with continuity

Let me equipped with my fav gadgets

To write and meet my friends

This laptop is so slow to perform

I doubt I would be able to make some noise 

You can read my power surge story here


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