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Forgive and Forget?: I do it my way

Share a story? Oh, I forgive and forget. People hurt Intentionally more unintentionally less. I used to live in a fool’s paradise and thought that if I was honest to my friends then they would be to me. Not necessary you will always come across a person who would be trustworthy. The complexities of human nature and emotions like jealousy, insecurity, greed, ego can convert anyone into selfish, contemptible person.

When I was hurt,  it gave me lot of pain initially but not any more. If someone do wrong to me I feel sad after all I have a heart which beats. Finally I smile, forget and move on. Forgive? Not always. And why should I always? It’s easier said than done.

Now I cooly shrink into a shell which I have developed over the years, listening to various forms of criticism, some honest, some brutal, perhaps an outcome of sheer jealousy or might be critic’s own insecurities.
Whatever may be the reason initially I used to get bothered when people misunderstood me, I even tried explaining my point of view hoping like hell that it would make some sense but not any more……  I have learnt my lessons hard way.
I read few quotes one day and it changed me into a thick skinned person – that’s what I’m today, not bothered what people think or say about me.

“You can’t change others.The only person you can change is you.”

” You can’t keep everybody happy. There will be few individuals who will never be happy, come what may therefore don’t waste your energy on pleasing people.

“Don’t expect anything from others. It needs a big heart to appreciate others which very few possess.”

I can easily make out the intension, intensity, approach as well as the reason for criticism, occasionally I react if there is a need otherwise I keep quiet maintaining distance from that person.

“Do you criticize me just because you can’t see me happy ?”

“Do you think what you do is perfect and rest don’t know their job?”
I love myself and my intentions are pure, my spirits are high and my soul can cure.

You do wrong to me, it is difficult to forget, yet I forgive and that’s for sure

One piece of caution,”What you sow is what you reap.” Do good to others and  treat everyone equal– a quality I’ve imbibed from my Teaching Profession. If anyone attempts to disturb my peace of mind then I say,”You can go and jump.” huh

Need not to move with baggage of unpleasant experiences. There are so many other things to enjoy in life which become good memories later on. Like this month is full of happiness for me. My elder son has just joined us for a month long vacation. My husband will be on leave soon. Summer break is going to be great with four of us together. We are planning to visit our home station too. Hopefully my younger son should get some time off from his coaching schedule. I am a busy bee showing my culinary skills. Cooking and summers not an ideal combination though. Phew !!!

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