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Gratitude and loads of it….

Today no left overs for me……. I am humbled and full of gratitude.

I am happy, feeling proud, thankful all at the same time. Let me share some moments of achievements, may be small but they brought joy and satisfaction to me. I will start with my adorable son’s victory. Today he has won the ‘The Best Basket Ball Player of the School’ trophy. Wait ! there’s more……He also bagged two gold medals in Football and Discuss throw along with one silver medal in Relay Race. Hurray !!!

Now is the time to say a BIG thank you to  Mrs. Aruna Menon of Ripples N Reflections. She has nominated me for Very Inspiring Blog Award. I am overwhelmed and grateful to her for constant support and love (loads of it) and most important the inspiration to do the things the correct way. Some people come in your life, inspire you, become a part of your life and stay there forever. She is one of them. I am very proud of our association and treasure this friendship. Her blog doesn’t need any introduction to most of us for she has already created ripples in Blogosphere with her reflections of enriching experiences of life. I will complete other formalities concerning the award in my next post soon. Thank you so much Mrs. Menon for the nomination.


I made a hat-trick on Cee’s as a Featured Blogger. Thank you so much Cee to select my post for Featured Blogger column in your blog. I love to participate in Cee’s photo challenges. It is full of fun and I try to improve my skills by clicking for different themes.

I would like to say thank you to all my followers, fellow bloggers and friends who have immensely motivated me, followed and appreciated me for my efforts and supported throughout. I may have disappointed you, bored you at times but you all loved me for what I wrote and shared. By the time I post this I may touch 9000 views and 300 followers ( 5 less) on WordPress. I  feel like  saying……

O’ loving friends who love me

Inspiring Couples who bless me

Avid readers who appreciate me

Faithful followers who followed me

I have one word to say I love you

I would be leaving for a short break, may not be able to post, would be in woods as usual ( a die hard nature lover ) Hopefully will be in touch for next two days. Sayonara for now….. 🙂 🙂

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