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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Habits

My father told me once,” Man is known by the company he keeps.” to which I asked, ” How do I make sure my company is good and I don’t end up landing in a wrong company? “

“Cultivate good habits ! ” he replied immediately. ” If you have good and healthy habits you will eventually look for people who have similar taste and they will also attracted towards you. It is mutual. Therefore check your habits and don’t let the weeds of bad habits spread in the garden of your body, mind and soul.”

I made it a mantra of my life. Did I follow the mantra? To a certain extent YES ! Proud to be in blessed company. 

I am extremely fond of adventure trips. I love cooking and decorating my home. Truly speaking over a period of time I have developed the habit of nature walks, trekking and photography. I enjoy my blog so much that it has become a habit to post few lines before I sleep. 

My books, camera, my garden, flowers and plateaus I climb are like friends to me. They literally talk to me. I can say that my habits help me in rejuvenating myself. I’m in blessed company. Want to remain in lap of mother nature always. 

O yes, I’m God-fearing soul so my daily prayers are must and it is one of the best habit I inherited from my parents.

Presenting you the gallery of my habits 🙂

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