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Daily Prompt :Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

No need to do that. I have already mentioned it earlier, right?

Neither this form of flattery is my cup of tea nor my friends/readers will like it. They visit my blog to feel my soul and spirit, they won’t like that’s missing. Would they?

I keep appreciating what others do and post. At times I try to learn new techniques, art of photography as well as special effects from the blogs which I follow but then that is not flattery. I would call it inspiration. I thank them by saying, “Keep inspiring”. ( If you are reading you know what I mean )

I think we all are here because we are talented group of people.

Each one of us have his/her own distinctive style to convey their thoughts.

We are bloggers, photographers, authors, writers and poets but at the same time,

we are individuals who have unique style to present their creations.

So Cheers to our individuality ! To our talent ! Moreover our bonding with each other.

Here we all learn, grow and nurture our passions together and certainly not just cut, copy and paste post in style of others. 

By the way how did you like the pic of my new addition in my lotus pond?

 The photo above is also a result of learning from my well-wishers. Tiny steps to grow as a photographer,eh ! 

Keep inspiring ! 

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