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INTRICATE: Kutch, mirrors and intricate patterns

Some of the most creative and exquisite patterns of mirrored embroideries can be seen in world renowned Kutch village of Gujrat, India. The women of Kutch have succeeded in keeping the traditions and culture alive by churning out the intricate embroidery which ornate the entire fabric and embellishes it completely.

An art originated & crafted by nomadic tribes has come a long way to make its niche on international platform. Globally acknowledged Kutch embroidery is one of the finest examples of intricate needlework which depicts various forms, patterns, themes and styles. 


The “mirror work” of Kutch is really a myriad of styles, which present a richly textured map of regions and ethnic groups. Each style, a distinct combination of stitches, patterns and colors, and rules for using them, was shaped by historical, socio-economic and cultural factors. Traditional but never static, styles evolved over time, responding to prevailing trends. For more detailed information you can click on Kutch art and the village women involved.

Local artisans are a hub of talent who dedicatedly work for months to showcase their crafts at Rann Utsav which is a annual festival held at Kutch.

Last year I had this opportunity to meet them and see them create magic on fabric with the needle. Chanya cholis were so bright, waist coats were big hit too.

Did I shop? YES ! I went bonkers. This lovely Laharia sari in the picture below is now one of my prized possession. The lady was stitching a mirrored embroidered lace on the edges of sari which immediately caught my attention. I had to buy it.

Hope you enjoy my choices for this theme.

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