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Time is literally flying in 2021 and it’s almost gone ! We are already talking about Halloween and admiring the colours of Autumn. Surprisingly we are left with just three months of 2021. . Till few weeks back the world was focusing on ways to deal with the third wave of covid, hovering us like a deadly monster. The nations hoped like hell to bounce back again. Have we succeeded in doing so ? Is everything now normal?

Perhaps in India people are thinking so. They are already in festive mood and the vibes are picking up slowly. People seem to have forgotten the pandemic times so quickly as if it never ever had happened in the past. Going Berserk to make up for those two years of strict lock down. They are travelling like there will be no tomorrow. Shopping as if they have nothing left at home.

Old habits of socialising and partying are coming back in vogue. Construction, renovation of houses and commercial places are again in full swing. The food stalls, carts are making profits by selling offline now. Restaurants and cinema halls are running in full capacity. Social distancing, now what’s that? Will we ever change ? Shall we ever learn to respect nature? What would make us to stop creating concrete jungles on the planet, if not the last pandemic? Let us continue with clear skies and clean air.

Government agencies are doing their bit but in a dense populated country like India each one has his own share of responsibility and we must cooperate and stand untied for the common cause. I see no harm adhering to the safety protocols even if things are looking pretty normal. I just pray this must not be yet another phase of silence before the deadly thunder storm.

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Coming back to last on the card, yes I clicked a few on 30th. It was a pic of Cee’s featured bloggers list as a token of appreciation from her. My blog was the one among the featured ones for Cee’s black n white challenge. It was a great feeling to be on the roll again and become a featured blogger. Though it wasn’t the first time my blog appeared at Cee’s blog but this time it was different because I have started blogging after two years and this small acknowledgement from Cee came as a big morale booster to move forward. I have managed to post at least one post daily during this month. At times twice or thrice also. Looking forward to receive old friends and those sweet conversations back on my pages. Happy October everyone.

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