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Lens Artists Challenge#168 Forts Seen Better Days

This week Lens artists team wants us to explore places and things that have Seen better days. It’s just so relatable in present times and especially post pandemic as people have started appreciating their culture, heritage and history. They are now aware that how precious the life is and to die is the biggest truth. Having seen the cycle of life and death so closely during these difficult times they value freedom all the more, which they got as a gift from their ancestors.

They are more sensitive as a part of large community who can understand the trauma of people belong to different nations, during disasters, world wars and civil wars. After finding themselves in lockdown for almost an year or so, they can relate to the threat of death and disease. Moreover to learn to fight together to survive as a race on earth anyhow.

I am sure now they want to know more about the freedom fighters, national, international heroes and warriors, who they only meet in their history books. Today’s generation want to be updated on their ancestors lifestyle, food habits, attires and uniforms of that era. The increasing popularity of era films and increased visits to the historical ruins prove my point to a certain extent.

A vintage, pre independence, British era building constructed in Victorian inspired architecture in South Mumbai

Some of them have been converted into museums by the tourism ministry. Few local communities and NGOs also came forward to joined hands for the cause. A loud shout out for their initiatives due to which many such places of historic importance have been maintained, preserved and developed into tourist sites.

Not all of them have been taken care of. We still have a long way to go. Today I take this as an opportunity to share some of the old ruins I have found in my archives as a reminder to myself. Being a responsible citizen of my country, my aim is to sensitise people about the need of keeping our heritage intact for the coming generations so that they can imbibe virtues like valour, patriotism and bravery, to further build up a strong character.

Arches of Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad, once upon a time it was centre of Nizam rule, now in ruins

A rusted cast iron bridge to reach the other side of the Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Glimpse of a worn down gate at one of the ancient fort’s backyard. I was just wondering how every thing, big and small gradually loses it’s glory and fades away with time. Nothing is permanent in this world except our soul. True that !

Once used to be the prominent feature, guarding the house, now in tattered state. The cracks, rusted chain and screws clearly shows the age of this wooden door. I noticed it while travelling on the road nearby Dwarkadhish temple, Gujrat.

That’s all from me. Hope I could drive my point loud and clear playing for the theme. Don’t forget to visit Tina’s inspiring post on the same. Sending good vibes, Soul

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