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Menagerie: The cute canines


Off course I have animals in my life ! We had rabbits, parrot, love birds in our home but I could never say yes to my sons whenever they wanted me to give permission to bring a pup. Few days back I had written a post on this topic. Here is an extract of the post:

I was confused. Had been living with a guilt for last so many years. Guilt for not saying yes to my sons to bring a pet at home. Not that I am not an animal lover but when it comes to be a part of dog lovers community I simply don’t have the courage to take on this huge responsibility. I am not adverse to the thought but yes I don’t have the commitment coming from inside to take care of a dog. All I can say is I am yet not prepared.

My sons convinced me in all possible manner and promised me to look after the dog themselves. I somehow knew it was not going to happen that way and the dog would become my extended duty. I refused sternly though felt pained doing so. My kids openly showed their anger. Thankfully my husband did not show any interest when boys cribbed about my forced wish on them.

In the meanwhile my dear friend Marilyn Armstrong published a pet post and I shared my concern with her in one of my comments.  She gave me most practical and valuable suggestions. Her reply gave me clear insight on pet issues.

She said, ” Bring a pet when you are ready. Too many people get dogs, discover they are too much work, and dump them into shelters or abandon them. Better to know your limits. Better for you, better for the dog.”

She further suggested, “Kids are very fickle about pet care, so don’t let them talk you into something for which you are not ready. Let them understand that it is not just the few months of cute puppyhood. It is a lifetime care. If your sons are fickle minded don’t go for it until you are ready. You need the right dog, too, one that is the right size and temperament for your life. It’s like marrying the right person.”

So now I know what to do and when is the right time to go for a pup. Presently I am enjoying the squirrels, butterflies and moths in my garden and I know very soon I would be a proud owner of cute canines 🙂

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