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NAGA TRIBALS at Hornbill Festival

Hornbillsoulnspiritblog What should I say about this experience? It was beyond my expectations….. A riot of colors, I would say. Naga Tribes at their best ! An annual week long extravaganza full of thrill and motion day in day out !  It is said that Nagaland is diverse in culture and life in Nagaland is one big festival ! 20 lakhs strong Naga people are by nature, fun lovers and carefree souls. I had to believe this when I saw them together, moving on beats of drums on a perfect coordination, decked up in colorful traditional attires. They represented vibrancy, happiness, solidarity, youth and beauty. The attires, the headgears, the energy, music, dances, songs, food, ambience, tradition, culture, entertainment, positivity all could be witnessed in and around tribal huts….. The name is ‘Hornbill Festival’ ( also known as Wood stock of North-East India) helds between 1st dec. to 10th dec. every year at Kisama Heritage Village, 10 kms away from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. It is foodie’s paradise ! I was fortunate to attend it two years back during our North-East tenure. I will dedicate my future posts on this festival. Enjoy some more pictures from this amazing celebration of Nagaland tribal culture totally befitting this week’s theme: Motion Who says language is necessary to communicate with each other. They could read my eyes and offered me to join them in their way to celebrate life. Myself in motion….. Tourists from all over the world were busy in capturing the motion. They didn’t want to miss any single moment of the lovely performances. Click, click, click….

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