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On The Way I found a heart !

Heart shaped lake, Tawang

We as a family of four were on our way to Bumla Pass, Tawang and I was enjoying splendid views, changing with every curve we took on mountains. The ever changing landscape was so majestic in nature.

Suddenly we reached at height where we could witness twin lakes. From distance it looked like pristine hearts. I told the driver to stop the vehicle at once so that I could capture the magnificent  lakes. He confirmed that halting the vehicles on turns was not allowed since it was a one way route and we were climbing hills. I didn’t waste time and started clicking to get at least one perfect shot. I was happy to see the results.

Sharing the photos of heart lake ( I came to know later that the lake was known by this name only) grabbed along the way 🙂

In response to weekly photo challenge: On the way

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