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One Word Photo Challenge: Marsala

Marsala is the Pantone’s color of the year 2015.

Pantone, as they do each December, has revealed its color of the year this morning! For 2015, Pantone has picked a color that men needn’t be bashful about embracing: marsala. No, marsala—not to be confused with the rich, orange masala, of “chicken tikka” fame—is “equally appealing” to both genders, according to Pantone.

The color—the name of which comes from the fortified wine—is described as “naturally robust and earthy wine red.” It’s slightly duller than scarlet, not quite as moody as burgundy, we’d assess. credit: Google

Jennifer Nicole Wells has decided to start 2015 off right, by having it as a One Word Photo Challenge theme.

Here is my entry for One word photo challenge: Marsala.

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