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It’s divine ! The shrub represents love, prosperity and divinity. Indian Gods’ favorite, brings luck to the owner. Fulfills the desires who waters it. It’s all mentioned in ancient mythology. The flowers are like magic which blooms in the night and starts falling down as soon as the first ray of light shows up in the sky. Imagine yourself waking up to the sight where you see Parijat flowers all over the ground !

The fragrance of this plant refreshes the most tired soul. It evokes senses, taking away all the negativity. The sweet scent of these flowers transports you to the divine state. The fragrance exists in the Earth and also believed to be existing in Heaven, It is commonly known as Coral Jasmine/Night Jasmine. In Hindi, it is known as Har Singar and in Tamil, Pavala Malli.

I have a huge one in my backyard. The first thing I do in the morning is to collect the flowers for my temple and corner decorations. The flowers have six to eight petals on an orange stem. They start withering as the day passes by. A medicinal plant having huge health benefits. The leaves and flowers are used for many recipes. many dishes and herbal teas are prepared in different parts of India however mainly used for spiritual purpose. Scientific name is Nyctanthes arbor-tristis.

Cee’s mood is purple today so here comes the last pic which goes with the topic. Hope you all liked the information on Parijat flowers. See you with some more on these flowers in my next post.

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